D.O.V.E.S. (Daughters of Veronica for Eucharistic Stewardship)

A mother-daughter ministry centered in ministry in the sacristy and in the care and cleaning of the sacred linens and the Adoration Chapel.

• Keri Shanks, kerishanks22@gmail.com.

Who are the D.O.V.E.S.?

DOVES stands for the Daughters of Veronica in Eucharistic Stewardship. In the DOVES ministry, we assist serving the 'Calvary of the Altar' through the patronage and witness of Saint Veronica, who offered her veil in love, as our Lord passed her by on His way to Calvary. The Lord rewarded her kindness by imprinting His face upon her veil, which remains as a keepsake for the Church today. Saint Veronica inspires the feminine soul to respond to stewardship, in the fullness of faith, hope and charity.